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2014-2015 Illinois Division Bylaws, as amended* at IDAM, June 7, 2014.
*Article IX-DISSOLUTION proposed amendment #2  unanimously passed...that upon dissolution of the division, all remaining funds (after indebtedness has been paid) will be delivered to The Foundation of IAAP.

2014-2015 Illinois Division Bylaws:  Click Here!

IAAP Core Values

Integrity: Demonstrated by honesty, accountability and ethical behavior consistent with an abiding respect for the dignity and value of individuals.

Transparency: Demonstrated through listening, understanding and responding to member and stakeholder feedback.

Excellence: Demonstrated by quality resources that support growth and development of the individual and the profession.

Collaboration: Demonstrated by an inclusive culture that appreciates the value of diverse perspectives, the power of common vision, and equality among peers.


International President's Message

"I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a 'transformer' in any situation; any organization.  It takes vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader." – Steven Covey, author, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. (Submitted by Dewoun Hayes, VIP chapter installation, June 12, 2014.)

Thank you Dewoun for providing the exact, right message for my final president’s message.

As I write, my mind is flooded with all the great experiences, both created and unexpected, that occurred during my term. How fortunate I am to have led with an outstanding board of directors – Toni, Wendy, Kristi, Dortha, Karlena, Kelly, Dawn, Sue, Sharon, Lisa, and Jenny. Good leaders all, we didn’t always agree; however, whatever the final decision, we always demonstrated “one face; one voice.”  I know first-hand that the future of IAAP is in the capable hands of dedicated and passionate current and future leaders.

To the IAAP standing committee members, who demonstrated their commitment by agreeing to serve on the nominations and bylaws/standing rules committees:  Juanita, Melanie, Daphne, Susan, Winona, Shelia, Lynda, Cathie, Terri, Debra, Bob, Melanie, Judy, Nora, respectively, and their liaisons and headquarters contacts – Tamra, Wendy, and Jay.  Your leadership was and is invaluable to IAAP – now and in the future.

Although Jay Donohue, CAE, CMP, IAAP’s CEO, was listed in last month’s message, it’s important that he receive a special shout out here and now. Technically, Jay reports to the board president on paper; however, right from the beginning, we agreed to be partners and no one could write a job description that best fits how well Jay demonstrated that agreement. He guided me when necessary; offered simple, intelligent and experienced guidance; never admonished me (although there were times when he had every right to do so); and, exhibited daily all the qualities of a non-profit association CEO.

When we began the search for a new CEO and I received Jay’s resume, I wrote at the top, “IAAP’s next CEO.”  Was I prescient? No. His experience and background spoke for itself. He was head and shoulders above any other candidate – and originally there were 110.

After Jay’s first phone interview, I knew what I wrote was correct. Interestingly, after he was hired, Karlena Rannals, CAP-OM and I compared notes and she, too, knew he would more than fit the role.  That agreement in thought came to fruition. Thank you, Jay, for always keeping the success and future of IAAP first and foremost in your responsibilities – and for proving Karlena and I right.

As we honor the past and celebrate the future, this year's race for relevance, though bumpy at times, provided a pivotal moment in the history of this great association. To all the members who demonstrated support of the board’s tireless efforts to win the race, my respect and admiration know no bounds. Please give yourself a pat on the back for understanding and never second-guessing the decisions made to ensure the future of IAAP.

To the “peeps” – the members – for each one who sent an email or I met in person; gave me a hug; or shared their time with me, YOU are IAAP and this year was dedicated to you.

My family – Tony, Tricia and Marc – always infinitely patient with all my absences over my IAAP leadership career; my best cheerleaders in every sense.  I am truly the illustration of their devoted and unwavering support and love.

Finally, it’s not my intention to end on a sad note; rather, I want to acknowledge two members who passed this year – Michelle Spradley, CAP-OM and Mary Nugent, CAP.

Michelle was my guiding star the entire year. At EFAM 2013’s Southwest District caucus she presented me with a watch.  I wear it every day as a reminder of the wonderful woman, spouse, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother IAAP lost last year.  Michelle was leadership potential that never had an opportunity to bloom; however, she left a lasting impression on the entire board of directors.  We miss you, Michelle.

Mary Nugent, CAP, member of IAAP for 66 years, passed on June 23, 2014. She belonged to the North Jersey Chapter, New Jersey Division. She worked as an administrative professional for ITT industries and would have celebrated 74 years with the company in September 2014. Mary was the reason I joined IAAP.  She was president of the chapter when I attended my first chapter meeting. She sat with me throughout dinner and the program, explaining all the wonderful opportunities the association offered.  Mary, more than any other individual, was my catalyst – in leadership and devotion to IAAP.

When I became board president, she sent me an inspiring note of congratulations. Although I am regretful that a committed member is no longer with us, I am grateful she lived to see me attain this role. We miss you, Mary.

Well, this is my next-to-last good-bye, with an in-person farewell at EFAM 2014. I leave with no regrets; comfortable in what has transpired for the future of IAAP; and determined to remain a committed member and leader of the association. I’m not going anywhere any time soon because now I’ll have time to blog, which I enjoy and put aside for obvious reasons.  

Thank you, my friends and fellow members. I am forever grateful.

For all of you, have a *sparkling* day, week, month, year and life.  We’ll talk soon.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." - Marcel Proust

Judith Yannarelli, CAP-OM
2013-2014 Board President

Illinois Division President's Message


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