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Power of the Past, Force of the Future

May 1-3, 2015
Bloomington, IL

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2014-2015 Illinois Division Bylaws, as amended* at IDAM, June 7, 2014.
*Article IX-DISSOLUTION proposed amendment #2 unanimously passed...that upon dissolution of the division, all remaining funds (after indebtedness has been paid) will be delivered to The Foundation of IAAP.

2014-2015 Illinois Division Bylaws: Click Here!


International President's Message


February President's Message

Even though we work in support professions, leadership is an important aspect of our careers and our daily jobs. We have to be skilled at thinking on our feet, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and other essential qualities of a leader.

I hear from so many of you that leadership skills are the most important aspect of your professional development and I would agree. My leadership positions on the Board of Directors, in my career, and various organizations I’m a part of were all thanks to helpful training I received from IAAP. Becoming an effective, skilled leader is a long—yet valuable—journey. Having a guiding force to help you learn the ropes is key. I wish IAAP Leadership Academy had been around earlier in my career. My success would have come much more easily had I attended such an amazing program. This is not an opportunity to miss.

IAAP Leadership Academy is the ultimate program for serious skill building and confidence. Based on the proposed curriculum and amazing academic faculty, I have no doubt you’ll “earn your seat” at the big table after attending this program. I urge you to look into taking part in IAAP Leadership Academy 2015. It will greatly enhance your skills, refresh your outlook, and allow you to become a key business partner in many kinds of work environments. IAAP Leadership Academy 2015 spans an entire 16 weeks and will undoubtedly be an amazing educational, confidence-building journey. Education will focus on three key aspects: Business Partnerships, Leadership Effectiveness, and Building Your Brand.

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IAAP Core Values

Integrity: Demonstrated by honesty, accountability and ethical behavior consistent with an abiding respect for the dignity and value of individuals.

Transparency: Demonstrated through listening, understanding and responding to member and stakeholder feedback.

Excellence: Demonstrated by quality resources that support growth and development of the individual and the profession.

Collaboration: Demonstrated by an inclusive culture that appreciates the value of diverse perspectives, the power of common vision, and equality among peers.