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2014-2015 Illinois Division Bylaws, as amended* at IDAM, June 7, 2014.
*Article IX-DISSOLUTION proposed amendment #2  unanimously passed...that upon dissolution of the division, all remaining funds (after indebtedness has been paid) will be delivered to The Foundation of IAAP.

2014-2015 Illinois Division Bylaws:  Click Here!

Division News

Illinois Division Education Forum (IDEF)
May 1-3, 2015
Bloomington, IL

International President's Message

During our transition into the revitalized IAAP, we still have a lot to offer new and current members. We don’t need to wait until Branches and LANs are in place to reap the benefits of this amazing association and to recruit new members.

One of the many professional benefits we have to offer is our array of education. Over 90 percent of IAAP conference attendees receive employer support. However, I hear many members say they can’t afford to attend our conferences. Whenever someone says their employer won’t support their continuing education, I inquire if they’ve even asked for their manager’s support. Most say “no.”

Many years ago a very wise person (my grandmother) said, “don’t assume, it never hurts to ask.”  Not asking could get in the way of gaining support for your continued education and professional development.  Have you asked for your employer’s support? 

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IAAP Core Values

Integrity: Demonstrated by honesty, accountability and ethical behavior consistent with an abiding respect for the dignity and value of individuals.

Transparency: Demonstrated through listening, understanding and responding to member and stakeholder feedback.

Excellence: Demonstrated by quality resources that support growth and development of the individual and the profession.

Collaboration: Demonstrated by an inclusive culture that appreciates the value of diverse perspectives, the power of common vision, and equality among peers.